What is luxury design?

What is luxury design? Yes, it's a opulence. Luxury can be different, and it is not necessary at all – gilding wherever possible, exceptionally valuable wood or stone, or Rococo design. Not at all. The interior may even be modest (in someone's opinion), but, nevertheless, it will be clear that it is luxurious.
First of all, it's about aristocracy. Luxury interior design is aristocratic, always, no matter what style the room is decorated in, and what kind of room it is. Aristocracy and good taste, restrained chic – perhaps this is exactly what luxury design is. It is clear that such interiors are created "turnkey", that is, the client receives a room ready for life, with everything necessary, including textiles, tableware, decorative items and even trinkets.
Of course, there is no place for cheap materials here. Only the best, from the best manufacturers, everything from plaster, and ending with switches. Wallpaper, tiles, other finishing materials, lamps, accessories – from the latest collections of well-known brands or exclusive, created to order.
Luxury interior design is high-tech, because modern luxury implies maximum comfort. And today comfort is a high-tech, "smart" house, the degree of "reasonableness" of which depends on the wishes of its owner. And the designer's job in this case is to harmoniously combine modern technologies and any kind of design.
Luxury interiors always stand out among others. And the designers of "Milano DC" are able to create exactly such interiors – you can see for yourself.