Small bathrooms: the big secrets for their design

The bathroom is the second most common home renovation after the kitchen. Concern for our well-being has awakened our interest in this space of the house. The bathroom renovation also has two clear advantages: it saves money compared to a kitchen renovation and has fewer inconveniences for family life.

Even if it's a small bathroom, it becomes a personal and inspiring project. But don't worry, we're here to help. These are our seven tips for renovating small bathrooms so that the result is modern, functional... but above all, very elegant!


If you're thinking about renovating your small bathroom, spend some time working out the best layout with your architect or designer. If it is feasible, also consider revolutionizing it completely. This is why it is important to consider where the drains and sanitary ware are located, as you will not be able to place them where you want.

Once that's cleared up, think about whether you can do without the tub in favor of a good shower. Transparent frameless shower enclosures make the shower “disappear” and offer plenty of space. Completing the bathroom with a bidet or sliding doors is also a good idea that will make the LAYOUT of your small bathroom even better.

If possible, make the sink and mirror the first thing you see when you enter and place the shower and fixtures in the background or behind the door.


Now is the time to choose the sink, shower, and bathroom fixtures. We advise you to opt for wall-mounted elements that add shine and help keep the bathroom clean.


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How to make the space tidy? With simplicity. Eliminate the superfluous. With this buzzword in mind, we give you three simple interior design tips. First, use a wall-mounted mirror cabinet to store your toothbrushes, combs, and other beauty care products. Secondly, decide where to place the towel bars so that they fit over the sink and don't stand out from the rest. Thirdly, if your small bathroom has a shower tray, you could think of a built-in niche for gels and shampoos so they are not too visible.

Et voila! By simply designing your space so that there is a place for everything, you will be able to increase its size.


Now comes the “fun” part, the choice of colors and materials. For a small bathroom, you'll want to choose light colors to make it look bigger. White washbasins or a combination of white and gray are a great choice and are also trendy. If you use black, don't go overboard. Remember that towels, pictures, or small objects are also a great way to add a touch of color to your bathroom.

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The moment of choosing floors and walls is the one in which you will surely start having fun, not only for the infinite possibilities of choosing tiles, floors, marble, and natural stone but also because these are all characteristics that will give a touch of personality to your bath.

Don't be afraid to mix different textures – for example, tile floor, wooden wall, wallpaper, and marble countertop – and find your style among retro, vintage, minimalist… As mentioned above, the fact that your bathroom is small doesn't mean it can't be modern and elegant.


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When it comes to interior design, lights are considered the “icing on the cake”. Even if you won't see the results until your bathroom remodels are complete, you need to plan the lighting layout with the electrician from the beginning. Avoid the laboratory look, i.e. too many ceiling lights, cold lights, and too bright. Position the light points only where they are needed (for example focusing on the mirror) and strategically (for example LED strips under the wall-mounted sink) and avoid illuminating corners of the room that do not need them.

If you've gone for a very distinctive style, consider purchasing a pair of antique glass ball sconces. This will be a unique touch to your small bathroom, especially if it is a guest bathroom. You can combine it with prints on the wall, a marble soap dish, and towels with initials.

As you can see, these are seven simple but important tips for a successful small bathroom remodel. Spring is a good time to start requesting quotes. It doesn't have to be a complicated undertaking: your new bathroom will be ready in no time. Seek inspiration, ask for good advice and, above all, get the most out of your project!


Written by: Cosentino